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Do You Have Your Estate In Order? 

Stop putting off getting a Last Will & Testament. 

Get your estate in order in less than 10 minutes.

Estate Planning For All Your Needs

It's Free - Click on an icon or link Below to get started. 


Last Will & Testament

Make sure your wishes are as you would like them to be after your death. If you have minor children designate a guardian. 


Medical Directives

Decide now what your medical wishes are now in the event you are unable to make them later. 

Power of Attorney.png

Power of Attorney

Designate someone you trust to make decisions when you are unable to make them for yourself. 

Medical Directive.png

Medical Power of Attorney

Designate someone you trust to make your medical decisions if you are unable to do so. 


Pet Guardian Trust

Are pets in your family? When you pass away and want them taken care of, assign someone who will love them. 

We are not a law firm. We cannot provide legal advice or answer any questions regarding legal advice. Estate planning must be directed to a qualified attorney.
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Introducing Your Free Will

We’ve Got You Covered


Free Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, or Living Will.


Simple, free to use, no account sign-up required although providing your email address will enable you to make changes and updates later.


Simple to use—just provide information such as marital status, dependents, how you want your assets shared and who your executor is. Download your document in word or as a PDF and sign.


Available in all 50 states. Important to note there is no legal support, so make sure to do your own research to confirm your will is legally binding.


Why This Service?


You do not have to provide a credit card. Its FREE. It offers a variety of documents designed to protect you and your family—meaning you do not have to pay for extra important documents. You do not have to have an account and you can instantly download your docs. It's a great quality Free service.

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